How to Be the Perfect Boyfriend and Make Your Women Happy.

There is a myth in society that women are incredibly complicated and you can’t make them happy. Well that’s a load of rubbish, women are actually simple and, yes, you can make her happy! Here are a few tips below which will hopefully make you a better boyfriend and make your girlfriend happier.

Be independent, have your own goals and purpose and never depend upon her

This is vitally important; a women will never love a man whom depends on her. A women wants to feel the strength of her man and his ability to confront any situation. If a man is constantly depending on his women for support, whatever that may be financial, emotional, physical etc; he appears weak. In other words he is not really a man.
When you depend upon your girlfriend. Your girlfriend will think she is acting like your mother. Nothing could be less attractive to her. Always remember, your girlfriend is not your mother.
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Don’t moan or complain
Women hate it when their men constantly moan and whine. Well it’s not just women, everybody hates it. We all know whining or moaning is unattractive and yet many of us continue to do it regularly because it makes us feel better.
When you moan or complain your basically saying life is unfair. Whether it is or isn’t doesn‘t matter. By moaning or whining you’re not taking responsibility for your own actions. You’re feeling sorry for yourself. It’s not just unhealthy for your relationship, it’s unhealthy for yourself. Successful people don’t complain, they don’t feel sorry for themselves they get on with things. They create solutions and work around tricky situations.
Your girlfriend is not someone to unload all your grievances onto. Remember, your girlfriend is not there not support you, you are there to support her. When we moan and say how everything is so unfair we are showing ourselves as weak. We are using our women as a crutch and this goes back to our first fundamental principle. Never depend on your women.
Why would your girlfriend want to be with a moaner? This is clearly a man who can’t cope with the world, who will never be successful and who most importantly won’t be able to support her and can’t be relied upon.

She will test you
A good girlfriend will test her man. Women may often pick at things which may seem trivial. Men often don’t seem to understand this and some men get bothered and annoyed by it. Why do women test their partners, because they want to be certain about their man? Is he trustworthy, does he have integrity is he strong and can he cope? The strong man relishes such challenges and is more than happy to be tested. What sort of things will she do? A test might take many different forms, perhaps you contradicted yourself (integrity test), A weak man may think her picking as unnecessary and trivial but the strong man recognises his integrity has been questioned and will then seek to allay his girlfriend’s fears. Other tests might be physical or mental strength tests etc.

Use body language, don’t try and have an argument with her
This is a classic problem which most men fall into at some point. Weaker men may joke about how it’s impossible to have a rational argument with a women. But men often fail to see things from the women perspective. For a start she usually doesn’t give a damn what your arguing over and this isn’t to say she can’t have a rational argument when she wants to. As an example maybe you were supposed to do something with her but you didn’t. What’s she’s really upset about is usually that you’ve shown you lack integrity and can’t be trusted, not that you didn’t do thing were you were going to.
Maybe you had a great reason for not doing that thing with her. But here’s the thing NOBODY CARES, least of all her. Never try and talk or argue her round. Instead use your body and body language to communicate with her. Reassure her of who you truly are.


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