Lies Girls Have Told Me

“I didn’t do anything over the weekend..”
Lie. This translates into “I got drunk and had lots of sex that I regret having now that I’m sober, but I’d rather not sound like a slut, so I’ll give you the false impression that I live a modest life sitting at home and reading over my weekends, so you’ll have to find out what I really did from people talking behind my back.” This is probably closer to the truth than most people think. And don’t mail me some politically correct rant saying “well not every girl is like that blah blah blah…” I know that not every girl is like that. Nobody cares.

“I’ve only kissed one guy…”
Lie. No girl has only kissed one guy. Any girl that says she has kissed only one guy is either too young to have kissed more, or a damned liar.

“I think you’re cute!”
Lie. No girl thinks I’m cute. I’m repulsive. I’m hideous.

“Looks don’t matter to me..”
Lie. Looks don’t matter, MY ASS. Looks matter. Any girl that says “looks don’t matter” is in denial. Proof? The good looking jerks that treat women like shit always get the women.

“I want to find a guy that’s sensitive..”
Lie. This one’s a whopper. Girls don’t want sensitive guys, nay, when it comes down to it all they really want is sex. Most of them are no better than the assholes they sleep with. Sure.. they want sensitivity.. ass slapping, hair pulling sensitivity. What girl in their right mind would willingly sleep with a total jerk? Are all these girls being raped? Or are they really just horny? They want sensitivity.. or at least, that’s what they’ll have you believing, with their warm smiles and good looks. Just once, I’d like to meet a good looking girl that’s not in denial, and that won’t put on an integrity show, and that will just come out and admit that she’s been pounded more times than any nail in the floor she stands on, like the whore that she is. At least then I’d respect her for being honest. It’s so transparent to me what’s going on. They fritter their lives away having sex every day of the week, and then go to church on sunday and think they’re clean again. They’re only fooling themselves. It’s probably the only way they can live with their conscience (or lack thereof).

“I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I’m not going to date for a while”
Lie. I hear this one a lot. They say it to sound like they’re not whores going from one guy immediately to the next, but come the first good looking jerk with slick hair and a nice car, and she’ll be in bed with him faster than she can contract his STDs.

“I like to have fun..”
Lie. Some girls I’ve talked to have been so shallow, that when asked what they like to do, she’ll simply say “I like to have fun..” No shit? I thought you liked being bored like the rest of us. What the hell kind of answer is “I like to have fun..” Who doesn’t like to have fun? Upon further probing for what they like to do, they’ll say “well.. uhhh.. I like to swim, and go hiking, and uhh.. I like to just hang out with friends.. uhhh.. I like to see movies.. uhhh…” Okay, she likes to see movies. Potential for a conversation. So, I’ll ask them what movies they like, and with out fail, they always say “oh.. uhh… I like all movies..” No, dipshit, you don’t like all movies. Nobody does. What movies do you like? “uhh.. I like romantic movies mostly..” (I don’t really say dipshit.. I’m usually very mannered around women.. not that it matters, since they only want a rich guy to screw). My fault on that one, I should have known. Upon further interrogating (at least it seems like interrogation, since they have nothing to say about anything that matters outside of their microcosm of existence), they tell me that they like music, “all kinds” of music, of course. This is all torture to me. Why the hell should I waste my time with someone so damn boring?

“I like guys with a sense of humor..”
Lie. I consider myself to have a sense of humor. Anyone that comes to this site and leaves without being offended has to have a sense of humor (or a really low attention span). Most of the girls that say this usually mean to say “I’m a giddy little girl that laughs at everything regardless of how everything I laugh at is painfully not funny.” The elusive “guys with a sense of humor” they talk about are jerks that treat them like shit so often, that they have no choice but to think that it’s funny so they can live with themselves for dating them. Pathetic.



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