Internet Love Stories

She’s From: Australia
He’s From: Australia
It was about two years ago when I was chatting on this chat site. I always just use to go on stir up guys and chat to them and that was it.

But it all changed. As usual the private message window popped up so I continued talking. I was 12 turning 13 at the time (very young) and the guy I was talking to was 16. The thing is, I said I was 16. I didn’t lie about anything else except that. Cut the conversation short he had to go but asked if he could have my number. I risked it and gave it to him.

About 5 minutes later he rang me and soon as I heard his voice I was in heaven. We spoke for about 10 minutes but for about 3 months we never heard from each other. I was at a friends house and I had a missed call from him so I texted him and apologised I missed his call.







It all comes out he was meant to ring someone else not me. But we still spoke. We non stop spoke – I’ll just say that. We started going out and I ended up telling him my real age before things got too serious. By this stage I was 13. But he said it was ok.

We were on and off and on and off, never really broke up for longer then 2 weeks. The longest was 3 months but we still stayed good friends. He lived in New South Wales and I lived in Queensland. I use to live an hour away from where he lived and still went down for holidays so we saw it as no problem. We were meant to meet up in 2005 but he slept in and my plane left to go back home half hour after he woke up, so we never met.

Still continued to go out, but the worst thing happened. I introduced him to this girl who was a bit of a “look at me” girl and thought she could pull in all the guys. I shouldn’t have. He thought she was hot, got her number and sure enough I was not happy. We fought broke up and they got together. I was so upset I didn’t know where to stand. He told me to delete his number but I couldn’t and either could he.

One month after they broke up, I took him back. She keeps coming in between us and we keep fighting. I love him with all my heart but I’m scared I will lose him completely. I sent him a message on his phone and told him I think we should break up. The thing is he won’t tell his ex we are together, and I keep wondering what they’ve got planning.

I don’t lie to her but he does and then she calls me a liar. He says he doesn’t talk to me and I cause too much trouble to go out with. I’m sick of it. I tell him how I feel and it never works – we always fight. I think its best off if we aren’t together because if he loved me he would get rid of her and told her he has me, but he doesn’t. I will always love him I know I will and I bet you we get back together. If not, we were planning on meeting each other in January but I’m not getting my hopes up. I think I’ve lost him completely.


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