How to Respect Your Partner

  1. Know that if you would like to be respected then it is better for you to learn how to or rather respect the one you happen to love.

  2. Respect does not come over night,it has to do with how you feel about your partner.

  3. Learn respect from every aspect of life and with this it will not prove difficult to show your partner respect.

  4. Remember, that if you may feel offended by your partner, the best thing would be to let them know that you were disappointed by what they did but avoid being angry and confrontational.

  5. Correcting your loved one would be such as, “Honey, you know I was hurt when you….”, don’t be too upfront, it may make you look like you think you are the better one.

  6. It is expected to get into raws with your partner once in a while, there is no such thing as perfect so don’t expect that.

  7. The best and quickest way of saving a relationship from tumbling down is by being a good listener first off.

  8. If you don’t listen, you will need to be heard and since you hardly practice that, then your partner won’t. It has to begin with you.

  9. If your partner needs to have sex and you happen to be still mad at him/her, don’t say things that you might regret later, just let him/her know that you need sometime.

  10. If your partner wanted you to do something for them and instead of asking he/she orders like; ‘go fix me a cup of coffee’, don’t stand there astonished with the amount of disrespect they might have on you, do it first then correct him/her

  11. Dont cheat


Stick to your story. If you said something before, no matter how you put it, it’s better to stick to it. You could rephrase your comments later when things have cooled down. Example: When I said ……..I didn’t mean……
Let not the mood you are in at the moment destroy your relationship.
We learn out of experience and unless you know what you are in for, don’t push it if it looks like it can’t work.
Never ever underestimate your partner even if at times you think their reasoning is shallow.
Love is all about perseverance and so you need to learn how to be patient.
Take it off your mind that you own your partner. The fact that the two of you are dating or are married,doesn’t put you in charge of their lives.


Respect is paramount, it is not about learning anything, it is all about how you would wish to be treated. If you like to be treated with respect then it is only obvious that you do the same to your partner or any one else at large.

Things You’ll Need

Love and affection – it is only love that can lead you to practice respect.
Listening skills – if you are a good listener, you can solve things easily since there is understanding between the two of you.
Responsibility – if you take care of your partner both physically and emotionally, they might as well respect you for that.


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