She Still Is Untrusting

She still is untrusting. Why?

Have you asked her why she still is untrusting?

She alone knows why and only she can tell you exactly why she still is untrusting.

One source describes a woman’s heart as a deep ocean. Sometimes it’s difficult to know for sure what’s in there.

But then that applies as much to men as to women.

The human heart is a deep ocean. When someone tells you something, it’s difficult to tell whether the person is lying or not except if the person has a reputation for lying.

How does this apply to your situation?

Well, she has a reason for not trusting what you say. You say you love her. You say you will do whatever it takes to win her. It sounds to me as if your love is genuine.

But obviously she has doubts about the genuineness of your love.


Maybe she has been jilted before. Maybe someone has broken her before. If not, then maybe she has read or watched a number of heartbreak stories. Or she may have a friend or relative who have been broken hearted.

Whatever the case, she has doubts about the genuineness of you love.

How will you convince her that your love is true love?

First, don’t pressure her excessively. Sometimes men who pressure or ‘harass’ women to love them turn out to be bullies – men who just won’t take ‘no’ and will bully you until you’re forced to do things their way.

You say you’ve caused drama.

Perhaps that’s what makes her scared of loving you. Dramatic men can be tough to handle. They just won’t see things your way and they insist you must do things their way.

That’s enough to scare any sane girl.

You can’t force a girl to love you. The love relationship just won’t work.

You demonstrate your love by being . . .

Selfless – be concerned about her needs not yours
Reasonable – not always insisting on having your way
These are the signs of true love.

After you’ve demonstrated that your love is genuine she still may not want you.


Simple. You may not fit the picture of her ideal man.

Once a girl has her heart crossed that you’re not the man for her, the heavens have to intervene for her to change her mind.

The truth is . . . many girls are in love with a dream. Their picture of the ideal man for them is unrealistic. But it’s a dream they hold on to dearly and your efforts at making them fall in love with you may not yield positive result.

You say, “all I know is that I can’t lose this girl”.

But truth is, if she says a permanent ‘No’, you have to live without her. You can’t force her to love you. If you pressurize beyond acceptable limits, she can sue you or enforce her right to freedom of choice some other way.

If after you have done all you have to do to demonstrate your love she still doesn’t want you, cut your loses and move on.

Sooner or later, you will find a girl who will love you as you deserve to be loved.

I’ve been in your shoes before. I had a girl I loved so much from childhood. I loved her so much that I was willing to do anything to have her. But she didn’t feel that way about me. She was content to have me as a friend.

Years later I met my wife. She’s a perfect present from heaven. She’s God‘s gift to me for loving without reservation. Now I thank, yes, I bless God that that first girl say No.

So, if this girl refuses you, don’t get mad with her. She has a right to decide whom she wants to spend her life with.

Instead, accept it in good faith. My God will reward you with a girl who will love you even beyond your dreams.


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