Can True Love Still be Found in Today’s World?

From ancient times to the present true love, or the bonding of two people in a life long union, has always existed and, for most, has always been the sought for ideal. Unfortunately, a number of people down through the ages, have been unable to find true love.

However, despite the fact that, from ancient times to the present, there have been people who have not found true love, the majority of people throughout history probably have found true love or something close to it.

The question in this request, in todays time do we see true love among people?, implies that true love barely exists or is in danger of vanishing in the present time.

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However, one possible answer to this that true love is so common, both today and in the past, that we don’t notice it. What we do notice are the exceptions or the cases of people where true love doesn’t exist.

Like the old journalist adage man bites dog is newsworthy while dog bites man is not newsworthy. Divorces and messy breakups are the exception and are thus newsworthy while happy marriages are common and don’t stand out.


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