Breakup, Girl

Did you Breakup, Girl? If so, welcome to Breakup Girl, where you breakup girls and break up gorillas will find tons of articles and great advice. BreakupGirl wants to help you STOP your breakup or mend your broken heart and move on to a better life – and possibly a much better man for you.

Breakup Girl also has some awesome links to help you mend your broken heart and recover from the worst thing to ever happen to you…your broken relationship. The articles at Breakup Girl are intended to help you get through the stages of being heartbroken, understand the pain, and get back to feeling like yourself again. So get yourself a great big ol’ bowl of Ben and Jerry’s, a box of tissues, and join right in. Come on, Breakup Girls, we can do it – we can recover! Yes, breaking up sucks, but we’re not going to just sit around and be Breakup Girls forever, are we?!

Nothing hurts worse than being rejected by the very one we love with all our heart and soul. We feel unable to breathe, unable to eat, unable to sleep…unable to get on with our life. There is no wind beneath our wings, no hope in our hearts, no dream left to dream. But you will get over this, and you will come out from this heart-breaking experience feeling better than ever. That is the unique thing about breakups. They give us the opportunity to fill our heart and souls with a thousand epiphanies…epiphanies that help us emerge more beautiful than ever. You will be left feeling like your relationship was a cocoon and your breakup gave you the wings to metamorphosize into a beautiful, happy and free, butterfly! Yes, a break up is as mysterious and marvelous as that of a caterpillar metamorphosizing into a butterfly.


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