Why do guys break up with girls?

Guys don’t break up with girls for personal reasons. Example: “I need some time to find myself” or “I need space apart from you to realize what I want in life” Sorry, that just doesn’t happen in the real world. Guys will always need a girl in their life.

Meaning, if a guy wants to be single is because he wants to date and see other girls or theirs someone else their interested in. Bottom line. That’s the way it is. 99.9% of the time this holds true.

Why I’m saying this, is because I work with this very very attractive girl and she told me her boyfriend broke up with her the other day. I asked her if “she was OK and how’s she doing?”

She was miserable and didn’t really want to talk about it. So I didn’t ask her anymore questions. I did say “If she ever needed to talk about it or just wanted to vent” I’m here for her.

Couple days past, I see her in the hallway and asked her how she was doing and she answered “not good, I don’t know why he broke up with me, everything was fine, we haven’t been fighting, we just got back from trip together”. I asked her “What was his reason for breaking up with you?”

She said” He needed time to sort things out” BullSh!T, Guys NEVER need to sort things out. EVER!!! and if you were going out with this girl, trust me, you don’t need to sort other things out. This girl was smart, driven, outgoing, very kind hearted, great sense of humor and had a body on a scale of 1 – 10, 15 !!!

So you don’t break up with a girl like this unless there is someone else. So I told her, politely “if everything was so perfect, why do you think he broke up with you”. She answered “I don’t know”. I told her sorry but guys don’t break up with girls for no reason and guys don’t break up with girls who are extremely HOT like you for dumb reason like “the lame ass one he gave to her”.

Own up buddy and at least have the decency to tell her the truth, you’ve been together for 4+ years. This girl can do way better and doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, but it’s not my place to tell her.

My point in all of this, I just want everyone to know that “Guys Don’t Break Up with Girls For No Reason

If he breaks up with you, then theirs one of two reasons:

1.) He doesn’t like/love you anymore and wants to date other girls.

2.) He found someone else already, that he is really interested in and he wants to hook up with them.

I saw her the other day in the Lunch Room. What does she tell me “He already has another Girlfriend !!!”

Sorry but I told you so ….


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