Cheating With A Married Man

I have been married to my husband for 4 years.  I do love my husband but I am not in love with him.  He doesn’t believe in divorce so we just go on about our lives.  I met a police officer that lives near me and who is also married.  I have known him for a while before we took it to the next step.  Man oh man is the things we do out of this world.  My husband is a very traditional person and I am not when it comes to the bedroom.  This police officer and I have a ton in common.  We have lots of fun when we are together.  He is so perfect.  I really started cheating because my husband spends most of his time playing World of Warcraft.  He doesn’t really make time for his daughter and I.  I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant since I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 21 due to cancer.  So that makes it even more fun.  What really pushed me over to the cheating world was when he had me check his email and I saw he was sending girls his picture and emailing back and forth.  Since then our lives have become 2 different lives, unless we go to his parents house.  Then we are a happy married couple.  We don’t wear wedding rings unless we are at a family get together.  So is it a bad thing that I am cheating.  Well I don’t think so, and I don’t feel guilty about it.


One thought on “Cheating With A Married Man

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