How To Find True Love

Love is by far the most exquisite, the most powerful, the most transformative, the most challenging teacher. It’s messy and miraculous. Art, beauty, palaces, history has been made in the name of love. It’s who we are.

But so why do so many people complain and whine about love? Because too many people are in unlove. They are relationships out of need, escapism, they are not full at 100% they went into relationship hoping the other would love them back to health. That doesn’t work. That is unlove.

True love brings heaven on earth. I have had true love in my life and I can tell you miracles abound all around you. It’s as if every aspect of your life expands, things fall into place, it’s out of this world. You are a like a magnet and keep attracting more of what you’ve been wanting to create in your life. Things are effortless.

True love happens when you are full at 100% and you meet your match, someone who loves himself first and knows he does not need you but simply chooses to be with you. So how do you get there? What’s the secret sauce….

The key to love is loving yourself first.
what does that mean?

Here goes:
you yearn to be fully loved but do you love yourself like no other? Do you stand by your side? do you support yourself first, do you honor your gifts and beauty? do you love yourself in sickness and in health?

or do you: criticize yourself, wish you could change something about your appearance, keep comparing yourself to others and hope that a stranger will swoop you off your feet and make it all better? Yes we women were all raised on the Prince Charming concept and I feel really bad that men have had to deal with the consequences of being measured up to an illusion of perfection!

So let it all go ladies and start your journey to love. Open your heart wide, get to know yourself, see where you are kind and when you let your thoughts destroy you, like knife to your throat. Watch your darkness and allow the love from your own heart to heal it back to health.

Love is a teacher. True love means you are committed to love, you are both independent and choose to be together. it is choice not need. you come together for love, and then….the learning starts. It takes a good year for the masks to come down and people to start knowing each other deeply. It takes at least that before you have a real big fight and you get to see how each of you stands in love. Are you walking through that fire together?

When there is love, there is understanding no matter what. And when the love is gone, relationships end….don’t change the story, please remember and honor how deeply you loved and were loved.

but because you love yourself you know that even when relationships end….you still love yourself so no one can truly break your heart…..and when you are ready, when you have grieved the end of the relationship and integrated it all up, look up to the sky, open you your arms wide and yell “bring it on, I’m ready for more!”


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